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Eyebrow Threading

Glamor Threading Salon-Your Eyebrow Threading Expert

Eyebrows can be a huge asset because they serve as frames of your eyes and face. No wonder that there are people who are obsessed with brow grooming. Are looking for a better place where you can entrust your brow grooming routine? Worry no more because here at Glamor Threading Salon, our professional staff are highly trained to execute eyebrow threading the quickest time as possible to remove hair with no pain. If you have a sensitive skin and very vulnerable to pain, you might be afraid of threading.

What is eyebrow threading?

Eyebrow threading is process of removing excess hair using a cotton thread. Unwanted hairs are temporary removed by twisting and rolling back and forth of the threads on your eyebrows. This traditional method of removing hairs in a specific part of your body was originated in Asia.

Threading is becoming a popular salon menu across the globe. The process doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or wax leaving your skin safe and smooth. Most salon experts considered threading as a better alternative to pluck your eyebrows using with tweezers which is very painful and irritating to the skin. Unlike plucking and tweezing, eyebrow threading removes unwanted hairs in a much easier and quicker way.

Eyebrows Threading Is Not Painful At All!

Threading for some people is terrible because of excruciating sensation caused by twisting and pulling your hairs. Most salon customers would tend to break out and makes their eyes twitch. Inexperienced salon personnel can completely ruin your eyebrows. Eyebrow threading doesn’t really hurt at all if you find someone who is well-trained. As a matter of fact, it is recommended by dermatologist for people that undergo topical medications. It is the safest way to give shape to your beautiful eyebrows.

It is a must that you will look for an aesthetician who is trained and skilled at eyebrow threading. Incompetent aesthetician can result in hair breakage, uneven brows, unnecessary pain, and ingrown hair.

Choose the Eyebrows Threading Expert

Glamor Threading Salon offers eyebrow threading with almost no painful feeling. We deployed our salon staff equipped with skills and techniques to execute threading with little to no pain. Our salon is using antibacterial thread to ensure that our customer’s skin will not be irritated by the procedure. We have already received good feedbacks from our customers for making them feel beautiful and confident with their looks.

The Technique Behind Eyebrow Threading

Proper technique is important to produce perfectly-cleaned shape eyebrows. Our processional staffs have already mastered the precise method of hair removal using threads. Hairs are removed through observing the correct line formation to come up with a clean-cut and angular brow. You will leave Glamor Threading Salon with joy and contentment.

Nowadays, most of the metropolitan areas have uncountable spas offering the same type of salon service. But, when it comes to eyebrow threading and shaping, Glamour Threading Salon is the one that you can trust to achieve the kind of look that you want without irritating your skin. You can look better, and feel better with our no pain eyebrow threading process.

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